Monday, December 19, 2011

Suite 88 Chocolatier - Montreal, Canada

When I first visited Suite 88 Chocolatier in the Plateau Mont Royal, it was because I had read a small blip in a magazine about this new chocolate store that served hot chocolate with chili peppers. Sounded exactly like the way the Aztecs used to drink their chocolate over 2500 years ago.  In a city as cold as Montreal in the winter, the joy of drinking made-from-scratch hot cocoa, and my love of these peppers in anything, this seemed a match made in cocoa heaven.
The store is modern and sleek, all white and glass cases with artfully displayed, perfectly designed chocolate squares.  This gave me my first, and only, pause, sensing that maybe this new chocolate store was possibly overrated as it evoked a “cool” vibe of sleek and modern, but might be the show pony that shows, but can’t perform.  I took a seat at one of the small, red leather chairs, and ordered the chili hot chocolate.  I mentally prepared my senses for what I hoped would be an experience an Aztec would appreciate, and was asked by the personnel, “Have you tried this hot chocolate before?” “No...”  “Do you like spicy?”  “Yes!” “Well, enjoy, but if this is too spicy, we will be happy to make another hot chocolate for you in another flavor.”  No, I think spicy and I will be fine.
The chili hot chocolate came in a generous sized mug, and was thick, and dense, like a shelf supporting the whipped cream that was plopped on top.  I could smell the chili peppers, mixed with the chocolate, and instantly was warmed.  My first sip, expectations at the forefront, and wow! What a pow of spicy!  Absolutely divine, delicious...decadent.  
Now, no matter the season, oh, it’s 94 degrees today in Montreal?, I hadn’t noticed, I am enjoying a steaming mug of chili hot chocolate.  And not even breaking a sweat.  

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