Thursday, December 15, 2011

JET VIGNETTES by Catherine Caldwell

“Jet Vignettes” is a departure from the genre of books telling crazy crew and passenger drama tales; instead, it is the personal stories of an international flight attendant traveling around the world for the last 23 years: the laughter, discoveries, experiences, grief, love, downright frightening moments, crew camaraderie and multiple adventures. 

Flight attendants have the job that reaps the most rewards.   Buying Japanese bottle openers and kimonos in Tokyo, having cocktails outside at the “barrel bar” in Rome late on a summer afternoon or, because it is winter, heading south to lie on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro - all in the same month - is what makes the job of a flight attendant so addictive, and enviable.  When we arrive anywhere, our work is done and the day, or night, is ours to enjoy.  And that we do - “Jet Vignettes.”

Book Reviews

“Thoroughly Engaging!  This author did an incredible job of taking me along as she traveled the globe, with intriguing, insightful, stories that left me wanting more...Simply could not put it down!  A great read for anyone who enjoys adventure, travel and lifestyle.”
Wozkap, January 13, 2012

“Jet Vignettes is a well written, entertaining book. This book gives you the "inside scoop" of the airline industry from a very candid & funny point of view! A must read, for anyone wanting to join the airline biz! Catherine, also combines her love of travel, along w/ her family history, which makes it so personal!
L. Blackman, January 20, 2012

“The sixties produced "Coffee, Tea or Me " and now in this millenium (sic) we have the wonderfully written "Jet Vignettes." Catherine Caldwell is a talented writer and has a real gift in her vivid and colorful descriptions of her life as an international flight attendant. Her style of writing is engaging. Humorous and captivating. It is as if she is taking you along on with her routine flights to far-off destinations around the world...Miss Caldwell really earns her wings with "Jet Vignettes." Luckily, this is volume one and hopefully we can expect more high adventures and exciting stories.”
Arnelli Paparelli, January 28, 2012

Jet Vignettes is available in print and all eBook formats

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