Saturday, January 28, 2012

Point G - The Modern Macaron - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In the rarified world of perfect macarons,  Ladurée, in Paris, seems to arguably set the gold standard. Pierre Hermé, Gérard Mulot, Dalloyau - all are equally fabulous. Point G in Montreal gives each of these steep and serious competition.  Where as Ladurée is all pale vert amande and gold, Louis XIV decor, as if Marie-Antoinette herself would be sitting next to you drinking tea and eating a plate full of candy-colored macarons, Point G is the edgier younger sister, with fuchsia pink hair and a lower cut corset.  

Co-owner Thierry Andrieu at Cirque du Soleil 
I took my professional macaron taste-tester with me to see if these macarons held up against the legendary Parisian puffs of sugar and cream.  My step-daughter, Emma, having been born in Paris, would make her daily meals of macarons if we let her, and she probably will once she lives there again in a few years.  Emma slowly perused the choices at Point G, asked about each and every flavor, and with great attention picked out the six she wanted to have slowly melt in her mouth, a truly savoring moment.  I watched her try one, then another, the next brought an even more satisfying smile, and I realized, we have a winner!  It is no wonder that for their 25th anniversary celebration in 2009, Cirque du Soleil chose Point G to serve their macarons.

There is not a flavor that doesn’t delight and excite; my favorite is still the caramel fleur-de-sel, the exact mixture of sweet and salty.  Emma will try the bold, new, and unusual flavors with abandon.  

Montreal is Paris wrapped up in European upbringing, with North American experience.  Point G is the gold nugget you find in the midst of it all.  It sits in an area that is off the beaten tourist path, yet for any Montreal resident, sits perfectly in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Perfect macarons I am sure even Marie-Antoinette would love.

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