Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion & Flying Fusion on the Runway - CHANEL Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2012

All ice blue and cool vibe groove going forward down the runway, Chanel hit the stratosphere with its 1960‘s Pan Am inspired Spring 2012 collection.  This was a moment in retrospect to the days when women “dressed” to fly.  Furs, jewels, gloves, hats - and those to-die-for-suits and fitted dresses - all part of what was expected of the traveler in the early days of luxury, jet engine travel (Boeing 707, anyone?).  
Despite a few futuristic space travel dresses, the overall collection reflected the era of a modern age of flying with the advent of the jet engine.  The evening dresses were pure ethereal simplicity, and captivating.  In fabrics of pale blue tweed, trademark Chanel suits were shown, the height of suited glamour.  The stand-out dress of the collection was sheathed with iridescent paillettes, paired seamlessly with stockings bejeweled with crystals reflecting the blue and silver colors of shimmering spring rain.

Always striving for a set design that is cutting-edge in an industry that sews it’s salts on what is next and hip, Chanel unveiled its collection in Paris’ Grand Palais, with its ceilings of glass allowing a suspension of space between the runway and the sky.  The runway’s aircraft ceiling mood lighting reflected the interior cabin of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  The set design was sleek, streamlined and ultra-modern in its look when viewed from above; Pan Am of the past meets Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Chanel channeled retro Pan Am stewardess when being young, beautiful and a stewardess was the epitome of hip, cool and glamorous, as they circled the globe, effortlessly drinking cool cocktails out of uniform at only the finest establishments in the City of Light.  The Chanel spring collection empowered the vision of the multi-lingual stewardess who traveled the world, one glamourous trip after another. 

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